Model Spotlight I Erin Gipson


Name: Erin Gipson

Height: 5’9’’

Ethnic Origin: American, Irish, German

Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL

College Attended: Elmhurst College

Area of Study: Bachelor of Music

How Were You Discovered by Agency Galatea? I heard AG was amazing and I pursued them after leaving another agency.

Best Way to Stay Fit: Walk everywhere, practice yoga, bike and DO SQUATS

Favorite Place to Travel to: A beach. Any beach.

Worst Habit: Cursing… tsk, tsk

If you had to choose… Would you rather live without caffeine or live without Quentin Tarantino films? Sorry Quentin… I need my espresso!

The best film Martin Scorsese ever directed: Goodfellas

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

A: Malibu, California

Q: What tips can you give someone who is looking to stay healthy while traveling?

A: Drink bottled water, take vitamins, and eat clean (fresh fruits and veggies!)

Q: What’s your go-to healthy meal?

A: Kale Salad (Combine kale, avocado, mango, tomato, and cucumber for the salad and combine olive oil and lemon juice for the dressing)

Q: How long have you been a singer/songwriter?

A: I started writing in high school and I released my first original EP in 2011.

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of teaching vocals and piano lessons?

A: Seeing progress! Watching my students sing and play original songs in front of an audience is very rewarding.

Q: What’s one cause you consider yourself to be an advocate for?

A: I consider myself to be an advocate for introducing music to children who don’t have access to music programs and starting music therapy programs.

Q: What long-term goals do you have pertaining to this philanthropy? 

A: I want to open non-profit music schools so that every child interested in music has the opportunity to take lessons and learn.

Q: What’s your most memorable experience from modeling in Milan?

A: My most memorable experience was my first casting in Milan. I was booked for the hair product line, Sensus and traveled to Tuscany for the shoot. It was all so new and exciting.

Q: How long were you in Milan for?

A: Three months

Q: What was your favorite photo shoot or booking while in Milan?

A: My favorite booking was an editorial shoot for Intimita Magazine. The photographer was great and shot my favorite picture from my time in Milan. It was a black and white head shot and there was just something about the expression I had that made me really like it.

Thanks for checking in with AG Model Spotlight, Erin Gipson!

Model Spotlight I Eva Violet


Name: Eva Violet 

Height: 5’ 11.5”

Ethnic Origin: Polish, German, French and Irish

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Plans for After Graduation:

I plan to continue my modeling career! New York, London, or Milan, are all possibilities- we’ll see where it takes me.

How Were You Discovered by Agency Galatea?

My mom found Marie’s email and she contacted her. I had a meeting with Marie and fell in love with AG and the rest is history. 

Best Way to Stay Fit:

EAT HEALTHY! I can’t stress that enough. My favorite way to stay fit is pilates and cardio, because you don’t need any equipment for it. Find something that you actually enjoy that doesn’t make you dread going to the gym.

Favorite Place You’ve Traveled:

I love New York! I have been there multiple times and each time is different. I love seeing theater performances, going shopping, finding new restaurants and walking around Central Park.

Q: What’s one book you’ve read lately that you would recommend to everyone you know?

A: The last book I read was The Fault in our Stars. I’m pretty sure everybody has already read it or has seen the movie. The book is about two teenagers with cancer that meet in a support group. I love the characters and how they choose not to sugarcoat the realities of cancer and the necessity of suffering.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a pianist and vocalist?

A: My favorite thing is that it brings me to a different world. I forget about everything around me and just focus on the notes or words. 

Q: Are there any artists’ music you enjoy playing most?

A: I love Birdy, Ellie Goulding, Kodaline, and Jason Mraz.

Q: How has classical ballet helped you as a model?

A: It helps me so much! It helps me a lot with movement and how to be graceful in front of the camera. 

Q: What’s the one thing from Green Bay you miss most?

A: Haha—I usually say I don’t miss anything about Green Bay, but I do miss my relatives.

Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned after being a Chicago resident for the last year? 

A: I learned that the bicyclists have a death wish, traffic is crazy and parking is impossible. But I love living here! Its one of the best decisions I have made. 

Q: When were you diagnosed with epilepsy?

A: I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was thirteen, right before I graduated 8th grade.

Q: How would you describe epilepsy to someone who doesn’t know much about it?

A: Epilepsy is a seizure disorder; basically your brain has very active electrical activity that could cause a seizure if it “rapid fires.” There is your anatomy lesson for the day.  

Q: How has epilepsy affected your modeling career?

A: I don’t tell people at shoots that I have epilepsy, because it freaks them out. So, I just have to listen to my body and understand when I need a break or need to take a moment. I do have it easy though; epilepsy doesn’t hold me back from modeling.

Q: Do you have any advice for other young women struggling with epilepsy affecting their careers?

A: Don’t let epilepsy control your life. Remember that you are important, you matter, and you can do anything. You are a strong woman that happens to have epilepsy. You have epilepsy, but epilepsy is not you.

Special Note from Eva:

I was signed with AG at the same time I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Epilepsy has changed my life, but I still can pursue my dreams of becoming a model. I want to say thank you to Marie and Chris for supporting me every step of the way.

I have epilepsy, but epilepsy is not me.

Xx Eva Violet

Thanks for checking in with AG Model Spotlight, Eva Violet! 

Model Spotlight I Halle


Name: Halle Sobiech

Height: 5’9”

Ethnic Origin: Polish, German and Italian

Hometown: Macedonia, Ohio

Nickname: Hal or Halle Bear

Plans for after graduation: I plan to move to Chicago and go to a college in/near the city while pursuing my modeling career.

Best way to stay fit: I take dance and yoga classes to stay fit. Jogging and riding bikes works too!

When/How were you discovered by Agency Galatea? This past winter I was scouted by Marie through the ARTS Talent Showcase in Orlando, Florida.

Your #1

Fashion Do: Do invest in a good pair of shoes (even if they’re a little out of your price range) you’ll be glad you did.

Fashion Don’t: Don’t dress for other people -if you like it, wear it!

Q: You can only order one thing off of the menu at The Cheesecake Factory for the rest of your life, what is it?

A: Definitely their thin crust cheese pizza. It’s a pretty basic choice, I know, but it’s so good! I get it every time.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about going to school half the day in regular classes and spending the other half in cosmetology school?

A: I love that I get to go to a different school halfway into the day because it gives me the opportunity to make friends from different schools and learn about what I’m genuinely interested in!

Q: What’s one sweet your sweet tooth can’t live without?

A: Marshmallow ice cream…it’s so yummmmy!

Q: What type of music do you play on the guitar?

A: Mainly calm, earthy-type songs. I would say they’re the kind of songs you would play around a campfire.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I like things that have a dreamy look. I wear a lot of black and white and I really enjoy fluffy sweaters and shiny details.

Q: Who is someone you look to for fashion trends?

A: Shelby Hamilton from Her taste and style is absolutely flawless!

Q: What do you use as inspiration for your fashion blog posts?

A: Other bloggers, models, trends, magazines, movies- almost anything I’m surrounded by, really.

Q: How do you incorporate your style in to your fashion blog?

A: I mainly re-blog things that inspire me and appeal to my fashion taste. I also incorporate my favorite colors, quotes and songs on my blog to give followers an idea of what I like! My goal is to give it a soft, dreamy and angelic look.

Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned in cosmetology school you wish you could teach everyone you know?

A: An easy, layered haircut– anyone can do it! All you have to do is pull your hair into a high pony tail, hold your hair straight up and cut. Take it down and you have a perfectly layered haircut :)

Q: What’s one beauty product you’d recommend everyone try at least once?

A: MAC’s illuminating face powder in the shade ‘soft and gentle.’ It gives your face the perfect healthy glow, it’s a definite must have.

Q: How do you balance your regular school schedule, cosmetology school and your modeling career?

A: It was tricky at first, but I learned you really need to stay organized. Keeping a planner has been the best thing for me!

Q: What’s your go-to outfit when you’re not modeling?

A: Something really simple- probably my favorite loose t-shirt, skinny jeans, birks and a flannel (in case it gets cold!). It really all depends on the weather and what I’m doing that day!

Q: What’s one style trend you can’t get enough of lately?

A: Turtlenecks and chunky shoes. YES!

Q: What’s your favorite photo shoot you’ve had thus far?

A: Hmm… It’s hard to say because I’ve truly enjoyed each one so much. I guess I’d have to say my shoot on the beach with Jessica Stacy. It was so beautiful and serene- I wish I could’ve stayed there all day!


Thanks for checking in with AG Model Spotlight, Halle!

Model Spotlight I Kel G


Name: Kel G

Height:  5’11”

Ethnic Origin: Austrian, English and Irish

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

College Attending: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Area of Study: Marketing and Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations

How were you discovered by Agency Galatea? My sister actually had a meeting scheduled with Marie last summer and I just came along for support! I guess Chris liked my look because a year later here I am. :)

You can only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, but the series will never end… which show would you choose?

It’s hard to choose, because I like either really trashy, brain candy-type reality shows, or adorable family sitcoms. So to narrow it down to two, Boy Meets World or Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Q: What’s the best way to stay fit while still having fun?

A: Zumba is the best to go to and have fun with your girlfriends, while getting fit!

Q: Being a Summerfest Veteran, what are some tips or advice you can give to first time music festival go-ers?

A: OH DEAR LORD. Dress appropriately! I can’t tell you how many bums I saw this year coming out from underneath high-waisted shorts.

Would you rather… Go a lifetime without Starbucks…or go a lifetime without Panda Express…?

YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME… If I absolutely, positively had to…I would go without Starbucks. Though I’m a fan of my Venti Iced Chai with a shot of vanilla, you can’t find one within 20 miles of school and I have to drink generic chai when I’m there (WOW first world problems). But you can’t replace the deliciousness that is Panda Express.

What’s your go-to froyo flavor?

Cake Batter. Hands down. Sprinkle on a few Butterfinger crumbles and some marshmallow fluff and you’re golden.

Q: What’s your involvement with movement of curvy models being incorporated into more fashion campaigns?

A:  As I’m still very new to the industry, I think my role right now is to make my peers aware that “Plus” is just another size group. It’s just a category like “Juniors” or “Petite.” If the label of “Plus” were never added, being a size 12  or larger wouldn’t be so intimidating.

Q: Are there any curvy models you admire?

A: I’m literally OBSESSED with Australian Plus model, Robyn Lawley. She’s got an amazing, fashionable swimwear line for girls with curves. Everyone should check her out… :)

Q: What’s the best advice you can give girls struggling with embracing and being proud of their curves?

A: I am totally still working on finding my balance for my body, but everyone has to realize that no two people are the same, and the thigh gap is not meant for everybody! I think that dressing for your body is very important, and I’ve been discovering that I love my curves more when I am wearing nice fitting clothes, instead of trying to get back into my high school jeans.

Special Note from Kel G

I remember going to a modeling agency about 2 years before I met my AG family, and being mortified by being rejected as a straight size model. At the time I was working out pretty excessively with marching band in high school, and I was thin enough to see my ribcage when I breathed. I just didn’t understand why my measurements weren’t good enough. So I hit the gym for hours every day on top of marching band practices but nothing was working to make me smaller. I thought my dreams of becoming a model were shot.

I just want to say thank you to my AG family for reminding me that I am beautiful at my size and opening my eyes to the world of plus modeling. Without you all I’d probably be just wallowing in self-loathing instead of embracing and celebrating the body God blessed me with. :)

Thanks for checking in with AG Model Spotlight, Kel G!

Model Spotlight I Scott Hegland


Name: Scott Hegland

Height:  6’3”
Ethnic Origin: Norwegian

Hometown: Rosemont, IL

Nickname: Thor/Wolverine

College Attending: Lewis University

Area of Study: Business Administration

What plays have you acted in? I’ve done two plays- ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ and ‘Moonlights and Magnolias.’

What roles did you play in each? For my first play, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ I requested a minor role, so I played the sheriff. And then in Moonlights and Magnolias’ I didn’t have a choice of a minor role because it only had a cast of 4 characters. 

If you could…

Sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? ‘It Takes a Man’ by Chris Young

Play one character in any show on Broadway, who would choose? I don’t do musicals, but I would make an exception to play Sweeney Todd– the demon barber of Fleet Street.

Fitness and Martial Arts

Q: Best way to stay fit?

A: Weight lifting and a high protein, low calorie diet.

Q: What do you recommend eating pre/post workout?

A: Banana before a workout, and a protein shake and chicken with brown rice after a workout.

Q: What types of martial art do you practice?

A: I study Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do.

Q: What is the difference between Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do?

A: Hapkido is a more practical self defense that involves real world situations. It has a heavy focus on wrist and joint locks. Tae Kwon Do is more flashy and focuses on punches and kicks.

Q: How long have you been practicing?

A: About a year

Q: What made you want to become a martial artist?

A: Marie Anderson suggested martial arts to me.

Q: Has being a martial artist helped you in your modeling career? How so?

A: I think so.  My martial arts experience got me a job for the Cannes Film Festival.

Thanks for checking in with AG Model Spotlight, Scott Hegland!

Model Spotlight I Bella


Name: Bella Miller

Height: 5’10”

Ethnic Origin: 50% Colombian & British/French/German

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

Nickname: Bella (my full name is Isabella). In the modeling world I go by Bella, so my nickname for Bella would be Bells.

College Attending/Area of Study: Wilbur Wright College. I’m planning to transfer to the Art institute or Columbia College Chicago to most likely study Graphic Design.

When/How were you discovered by Agency Galatea? I was discovered in Miami by the agency I was with prior to Galatea. I was 14 at the time, but officially started when I was 15 years old. Being with that agency led to the need for an agency in Chicago (my hometown) and my agent in Miami recommended Agency Galatea. I signed with Galatea when I was 17.

Q: Best way to stay in shape?

A: To always watch what you eat. I don’t workout, but I bike almost everywhere I go.

Q: How do you balance your modeling career while in college?

A: I schedule my college classes in a way that I can have plenty of free time in case of a booking. For example, my first semester I scheduled my classes so that I only went to class two days a week and the rest of the week was left open for modeling.

This or That?

Picnic or Nice Restaurant? Picnic

Sushi or Pizza? Sushi! I do not like pizza.

Bright Colors or Neutral Tones? I wear a lot of black, so I would say neutral. However, I love pastels.

Heels or Sneakers? My favorite Doc Martin sneakers. I wear them every day.

Hey, Bella! Can we go thrift shopping? 

Q: What is your favorite store to shop at?

A: My favorite place to shop is either thrift stores or the Urban Outfitters surplus. I never pay retail prices. Especially for clothing I can make myself (which I have done plenty of times).

Q: What store do you think has the best deals for bargain shoppers looking stay on trend?

A: The Urban Outfitters surplus has the best deals.

Q: What is the most memorable style you’ve ever had at a photo shoot?

A: I can’t say I’ve had a favorite yet, but probably the shoots I had in New York were more to my liking.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I wouldn’t put myself in a certain genre. Some days I will wear skirts and things that would be categorized as “kawaii” and other days I tend to be a tomboy and usually wear black. Black is always in style. I tend to buy things that people would think are ugly and then make it work.

Q: What is one accessory you can’t live with out this summer?

A: Probably all my backpacks. I’m not a purse type of girl. I always need a backpack because I’m always out and about.

Q: What is one tip you can give people who are interested in thrift shopping?

A: If the thrift shop looks old and dirty, then it will probably have the most interesting clothes.

Arts and Cats

Q: When did you start drawing?

A: I’ve been drawing all my life. My dad is a painter, and as far as I can remember I’ve always been encouraged to draw or paint.

Q: What medium of art is your favorite?

A: A lot of my art is known for being very clean, as if it was printed. I don’t do a lot of sketching. I use markers and pens to do must of my work.

Q: What do you use as inspiration for your art? 

A: For inspiration I usually go to my best friend who I look up to. She really inspires me to draw and I love her artwork. However, I am not like her. I work best when I am given a problem and I solve it instead of making my own problem. Which is why I am good at designing logos and clothing for companies. They present me with a problem and from there I create what they want. Abstract is not my strength.

Q: How many cats do you have? Dogs? Other Animals?

A: I have one dog and three cats.

Q: Have you always been an animal lover?

A: Yes, always. I love animals :)

Q: How did you get Ponyo to be so photogenic for you on Instagram?


A: I always have my camera on me wherever I am so that I can capture random moments when my cats are doing cute or funny things. And not only to capture my pets but other moments in life. I really enjoy photography.

Q: When did you start designing art for t-shirts?

A: I got into designing logos and what-not because I post a lot of my art on Instagram, from that a clothing company in New York saw my work and approached me about designing their clothes. The company is King Panda Apparel. Since then, I’ve done logos for other small businesses such as coffee shops and other groups who were in need of logos.

Q: How do you design the t-shirts?

A: I do all my work on illustrator. Which takes a lot of patience. I start by making a sketch of what the company wants and from there I scan my sketch onto the computer and recreate what I sketched onto illustrator. By using illustrator I can send the companies vector images of their design which allows them to alter the design to put it on shirts or hats. So basically it enables them to make the design the size they need.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know AG Model, Bella! Don’t forget to check back with us next Friday for another Model Spotlight : )